Tuesday, May 27, 2008

kuriya@ raffles place

Need to find a good value afternoon tea set in town?
Look no further, do check out the Kuriya @ Raffles Place Basement. For 5.50per set, you could choose a dessert dish + a drink of your choice (coffee, tea, soba tea etc)

J and I had a simple tea before dinner with JA. Good value. Nice .
Soba Tea: Tasted like a massively burnt rice tea. I like the bitter toasty note..Too bad you could not have a refill on this else Demona would have seen me gulping down a whole 1 litres with no problem.
Excerpt on introduction of Soba Tea: Made from the buckwheat plant, it has a hearty and toasty flavor. Naturally high in protein, vitamins and minerals, soba tea is good for digestion and high blood pressure.

Whateveryoucallit One: I'd ordered this, basically just a scoop of ice cream with fresh fruits balls, jellies and some type of honey. Not great and elegant but refreshing.

Whateveryoucallit Two: J ordered this, more like a variation of the presentation of Whateveryoucallit One but with a green tea jelly with red bean paste. Not too bad.

Verdict: Overall, the tea set are screaming good value for money. It is only valid for 3-5pm, so do go down there when you are aroudn the area looking for some not so crowded yet affordable place to chill out.

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