Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yuet Loy Cooked Food@Outram Park

This place is just screaming "WOK HEI" from tip to toe!!! If you are a big fan of "wokhei" and great value Chinese food, you should never give this place a miss!

Frankly, I'd never been an avid fan of hawker CzeChar, and I rather prefer the cozy and comfy environment of an air-conditioned restaurant (crystal jade, imperial treasure, shatin, kamboat etc", however, this place really blown me away and it just shows that there are still many hidden gems worth finding in the midst of this tiny island. Another plus point? this stall is pretty well ventilated and the cooling weather do gave a big help as well!

Homemade tofu (9sgd): The texture of this tofu is really unique. It is kinda like a hybrid between tofu and those stuff being made into vege-charsiew. It has a hollow centre and the sauce was thick thick and coated with massive note of wokhei. Creamyy!!!
Beef Kailan (9sgd) A simple dish and you'd thought it could not be any better? Try this and i guarantee it will set you on level 100 Foodielicious Zing! Finely chopped beef coated with a thick soya based gravy drench on top of freshly boiled kailan. The chef reallly controls the stove/fire very well. You could taste huge huge wokhei flavour in this dish but there is no burnt/charred parts in it. A wonder!
Salted Fish + chicken (9sgd): The salted fish sauce coating the chicken was so thick that i could imagine school of salted fish swarming into your mouth when you put a scoop of the juice into you mouth...It is that thick/pekat and again with macho wokhei.. Very flavourful dish that went well with the steamed white rice..
Seafood Horfun (12sgd): Check out the biggies prawn.. Succulent and fresh.. and not to mention, the horfun is fully coated with macho wokhei again...This is one of hte best horfun i had in singapore, infact, it could rival many stalls in KL/Malaysia. It is darn good. Eachs pieces of horfun was fried to perfection, with macho wokhei sticking to them, and the gravy was thick and flavourful without being too salty.
Close up of Horfun laced with Wokhei:
Roast pork 4sgd: This is the roast pork from some random stall in the hawker centre. Nothing to shout about but went well with sauvignon blanc

Verdict: One of the very best Chinese Food I had in Singapore. Unpretentious, good value for money and simple, comfort food. It could easily beat many other restaurant hands down. It is time to organize a makan session with demona and gangs the next trip she is here! Wok hei Woot Woot!

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