Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kettle Chips

Demona loves potato chips to death. Sometimes i do wonder what will she save from a burning room (hypothetically), a pack of Quality Chips or her Clothes/Make Up/Accessories/Laptop?

Anyway, Demona "the ChipMunch" was in town for about 5 days and I'd prepared 6 packs of chips for her. They were all vanished by the end of the fifth day.
Here are the 2 that were exterminated in GV Grand Cinema while watching Ironman.
(I have to lug my office bag into the cinema to sneak in the 2 humongous pack of chips.)

Kettle Salt and Vinegar: Unconventionally Strong and Tangy says the tagline. Indeed it was bursting with gigantic sourish vinegar tangs and saltish attack that left your lips numb and painful. You know, kinda like dipping your lips into the sea water for 6 days 7 nights. But the taste of this was quite deadly shiok in a way. We devoured this and would not mind a second helping!
Kettle New York Cheddar with herbs: Bold Grown Up Cheese: With our lips hurting from the vinegar/salt attack, we proceeded to exterminate this next. Good mature flavour of cheese escape out of the bag once we open it.... ahhhhh,,, cheesie weesie... We like!

Verdict: I think we almost completed the whole range of potato chips in Cold Storage yet I am still not sure which is the chip that will rule them all. hmmmm,, My personal top 3 fav is Terra chips ( for its natural and healthy bites) , Lay's Kettle Cooked and Kettle.
The common gripe for all the chips? They are always packed a few ounce short to satisfy our cravings! GRRRR

Casualties so far:
Ruffles: Texas BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream and Onion,
Lays: Salt & Vinegar,
Lay's Kettle Cooked: Jalapeno
Terra: Potpourri, Parmesan/Oregano,
Kettle: Dijon Mustard Honey, Sea Salt and Vinegar, New York Cheddar,
Doritos: Cheese, BBQ
Calbee: Seaweed, SPicy, Original

Ah, this is the picture of the Acqua Panna i bought for Demona. I left it in the freezer for a while to speed chill it to go with movies and chips but i totally forgot about it. The end result? A beautifully cracked bottle with ultra pure/refreshing Acqua Panna sparkling mineral water.

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