Monday, May 19, 2008

Kavitha's Curry House@SS5, Gasing PJ

Demona: Dogma was indian food deficient.

Dogma: "I want indian food. As meaty as possible. GRRRRRRRRRRR!"
Demona: "Lotus? Rajoos? Pandis? Kannas?"
Dogma: "Anywhereeeeee.. meaty, spicy, GRRRRRRR!"
Demona: *shrieksssss*

I browsed several local food blogs to see if there are any interesting indian food eateries in PJ which we've not tried yet. I stumbled upon a blog which posted on Kavitha's Curry House, with good reviews for its food. Since the location of the shop is relatively near to us, we made up our minds to head there for dinner.

The shop was quite empty when we arrived, although it was nearing dinner time. Maybe the recently opened new Sri Paandi's branch at the corner has eaten up a portion of KCH's business. We were ushered by the Sri Paandi's waiters into the brightly lited air conditioned new shop but we were headstrong with our decision onf KCH.

Demona: I ordered my usual egg thosai, while I released Dogma the GRRRRRR to scavenge for food inside. The egg thosai was a disappointment. The taste of the flour was still present, and this resulted in a dry fluffyless thosai.

Demona: Plain chutney and spicy chutney, symmetrically divided and nicely gobbled up by Dogma-meater. The chutneys were awesome! Grated coconut bits, herbs and spices, fiery spicy!

Demona: Thinly sliced fried bitter gourd. It would had been much nicer if the bittergourds were freshly fried, rather than fried much earlier and left aside. In the end, they were soggy and cold. However, we didn't mind it much and finished them within minutes itself.

Demona: Dogma-meater was in a mood for garlic naan. I told him that the kisses will be less after this meal. Physically, the naan looked as if it rained garlic. The taste was a total opposite. The garlic smell wasn't even pungent. Maybe because they were not fresh, or refridgerated for a long while already. Even the naan was undercooked as the taste of the flour was very obvious. The condition was almost similar to my egg thosai.

Demona: A cup of oversweetened "Teh Ais" although I had requested for "Kurang Manis" (Less sugar) already.

Demona: Dogma-meater also ordered a piece of fried chicken, due to his GRRRRRRRR mode. Although the meat was well fried with a spicy marination finish, in terms of taste it was quite good, but the meat pieces were slightly unsatisfactory. They had very little meat, fatty with thick skin layers, unlike chunky meaty ones that we get from Paandi's. This was the first time I had seen a fried chicken served in this manner. We were also given fried ginger thins and onions as sidelines, which were very fragrant and they gave a refreshing 'zing!' taste if eaten along with the chicken.

Demona: If I ever drop by at this place for a meal again, I would order the simplest bread, eg: plain thosai, capati etc because I am going to save plenty of room space for their gravies! The dhall gravy was thick with slices of cabbages and chunky chick peas, awhhhhh... excellente! The chicken curry was also equally as good, thickened and flavourful. If only I had taken a picture of Dogma-meater's plate, as well as his face. His plate was soooooooo.. messy looking, like a painter's palate, except that the paints were gravies. On the other hand, his sweat glands were over functional that day. It was a scary sight to see the sweat madly dripping while he was still smiling away gobbling up these curry goodness.

Even the waiter was worried that he might use up all the tissues in the box on our table to wipe the rain, that after a while, he walked over to our table and took our tissue box away.

Verdict: The meal only came up to RM 10.50. Pretty decently priced for what we had ordered. This place is definitely a nice place for a good meal if I am a resident living in the viscinities of this residential area. I do hope that they will be able to fend off the competition from the new born clone of Sri Paandi's. Everyone just wants to earn a living for a better life, for him or herself and families. It would be sad to know if ever this place closes down.

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