Saturday, May 3, 2008

Emperor Soup@Joo Chiat

Demona: Dogma made a reservation for 6 for dinner at Emperor Soup at Joo Chiat. It was a triple date dinner. It took us quite a long while to get there, as we were coming from Clementi side. It was considered far just to eat, but 45 minutes of travelling time is a norm back here.

Along the way there, Dogma was selling the restaurant to us, saying that the owner-chef Edmund Lui, was once executive chef of Pine Court restaurant in Meritus Mandarin Hotel and now he came out to run a restaurant business on his own. Our stomach juices were madly sizzling listening to his stories.

The restaurant space was limited, accomodating around 10 plus tables. We left Dogma to do the dish selection.

Demona: This dish was our appetizer. Deep fried egg plant with pork floss. The egg plants were a little cold already, so it was not entirely satisfying unlike a freshly deep fried batter coated one.

Demona: He ordered the crispy duck. The cripsy skin was very crunchy, but its colour was dark brown. I wasn't too sure if the oil was fresh. The meat was quite tender. Everyone seemed to enjoy it from their facial expression.

Demona: Check out the fatty layer. Oooh la la! I gave Dogma the honour to eat the juicy crunchy fatty layers, hehehehe.

Demona: This was the coffee marinated pork ribs. I never ate any savoury dish with coffee as its flavour before. The outer layer was quite enjoyable, with a sticky texture, incorporated in the taste of coffee and sesame. There were more bones than meat on the ribs, and it was quite difficult to remove the meat from the bone. Toothpick was a big hit after the meal.

Demona: This was the fried rice with fish roe. I liked it a lot, for someone who does not favour rice dishes. The rice did not agglutinate with one another, and in between the mouthfuls of rice, you could actually taste the gritty, crunchy fish roe. The rice was flavourful, I would say that this is a very good class of fried rice. Thumbs up! I did not finish it though, gave it to Dogma again. PUSHHHHHH away calories :)

Demona: Thissssss... was... a huge ass TNT! The chilli was so spicy it zapped you right from your head to your teeny toes. Even I myself, who rarely sweats even with high chilli overload, this chilli paste actually made my nose runny.

Demona: This was bean curd dish, small cubes of them coated with batter and deep fried with a salty, spicy finish, drizzled with soy sauce, oil and chilli spring onions garnish. The bean curds were very soft, but the cubes were a bit too small, you couldn't really thoroughly enjoy each bite.

Demona: Another bean curd dish, with a different style of cooking: claypot style. The taste of the savoury sticky sauce coated bean curd was quite normal, nothing to shout about. Dogma kindly threw all the eggplants to me. Adding them with the crazy hot chilli paste was... yummy wummy!

Verdict: The 6 dish meal cost SGD 70.70. Quite a worthy meal alright, Dogma was very satisfied with it. The portion of each dish was not big at all, but we were very full by the end of the meal. Most probably due to the number of dishes ordered. Definitely worth coming here again for another try out on their other dishes!

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