Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mom's Jellies&Dogmama's Chicken Curry

Demona: Mom makes the best jellies ever! She'll make tons of money if she starts selling:) Any takers out there? Cross my heart, they taste ...reallllllly jelloyummy!

Demona: Check out these beauties! The transparent ones had grapes and longans inside. The green ones were santan based, with pandan flavour. The jellies were not hard and not too soft either. JUST.... NICE :)

Demona: I confess..... I finished the whole load at one go!

Demona: Mom's red bean paste jelly still wins the best jelly trophy. Nevertheless, no one can resist mom's awesome jellies!

Demona: Dogmama left some chicken curry for Dogma, but he had forgotten to take it from the fridge. So... all goodies go to ME! Dogmama's chicken meat was tender. If he was here, he would surely shine those bones. The gravy was spicy and thick, nicely coated each piece of meat. I am a weakling towards spicy food.. if more chillis and spice are added into this dish, the chicken curry will be an absolute dynamite!

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