Monday, May 19, 2008

Frankland Estate Olmo's Reward 1997

This gotta be the Buy of the Year 2008 for me.

While strolling along PJ at night, I casually went into the Denise wineshop. There are only 2 labels that attracted me.
1) Cims De Porrera 1999@ 298rm and
2) Frankland Estate Olmo's Reward 1997@88rm.

I had the 99 and 97 Cims de Porrera before and the 99 are smoking hot dark ruby juice with intense graphite and pencil shavings note. Made form 60-90 years old vines, it is both elegant and powerful at the same time. Muscular. I'll probably get this bottle from denise next trip up to KL.

For the Frankland Estate, I had read some reviews on it before and the recent vintages won the trophy award during some local competition. However, the bottle in store was in quite a pathetic state. The label was torn and dusty, and it was simply chucked aside in obscurity. After much negotiation, the retail manager gave me a 50% off for this bottle.

As usual, the bad storage condition has resulted in a dried up cork. The cork broke and left pieces of cork bits in the wine. Poor aesthetic aside, this is quite a beauty at 44RM.

EYE: slight brownish red at the rim
Nose: Sweet berries, cigarbox, slight leather and tobacco. Medium complexity.
Palate: Smooth and glides thru your throat. Tannins has mellowed quite abit. It is probably dipped a lil from its peak but nevertheless, pretty enjoyable still. Finish was short to medium. Demona enjoyed this alot and her comment was as follow: "boh tannin wa sukak cuz bo potong potong" ( rough translation: No tannin, I like because there is no cut cut"

For around 20sgd, i got this 11 year old aussie wine. It is not rated highly when it was released however, it's quite impressive after 11 year of bottle aging. Good deal Good deal!

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