Saturday, May 3, 2008

Little Part 1 Cafe@Adelaide Park Estate

Demona: We had ambitious intentions of doing some home cooking after prawning at Bishan. However, after a poor yield catch 3 hour prawning session on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon, we were left sweaty, frustrated, and *Growl growl* .. HUNGRY! I managed to convince Dogma to cook on Sunday instead, with my pouting face, fake cries, and continuous whines hahaha.

Dogma: Ok! Ok! We'll stop by somewhere for dinner later! Just.. stop.. it!"
Demona: (Tee..heh..heh..) :D OKAY

One of Dogma's colleagues, Marie, recommended him to this cafe, and since it was around the corner, we decided to eat here. Initially, I wasn't willing to eat at Little Part 1 because I didn't wait him to spend unnecessary extra money, but he insisted on trying. So.. oh well, what the heck :)

We were sweaty, smelly, and were in horribly lousy clothings. The cafe on the other hand, was designed as its theme. Little Part 1, neither home nor workplace, but somwhere in between. With colourful, funky furnishings, rows and rows of interesting books and boardgames, and relaxing chill out jazz music.

Demona: We ordered a onion rings set (SGD 4.90). The onion rings.. were..absolutely fantastic! The oil used was fresh, and the onions were fried to perfection! Onion rings with coated breadcrumbs are better than flour dough any day. What made this dish a TNT was the spicy, zing wasabi mayonaise. These guys willingly brought us another bowl of mayonaise since us spicy eaters finished it up almost immediately. No charges on the extra bowl was made. Great! Showed how generous they were.

Demona: We ordered a set of buffalo wings as well. (SGD 6.90). This was disappointing, especially the fact that we already tried Wong Ah Wang's famous chicken wings. The wings were not complete, the end of the wing was missing. We had no idea why. Each portion had 6 half chicken wings. The wings were simply deep fried, and the spicy sweet sauce were not coated on the wings, like the usual ones which we get. The sauce was separated, which was alright with us, but the sauce did not improve its tastiness anyway.

Demona: Since the Green Tea shake had a "Chef's Hat" recommendation, we decided to give it a try, knowing Dogma LOVES any green tea based products. The green tea shake wasn't too bad, but if they added more green tea and less milk, it would have been even better. The milk taste overpowered the green tea. One good thing about this was the controlled sweetness. SGD 5.00.

Demona: After finishing the food from above, we were NOT full, but NOT hungry, BUT ... we were... GREEDY!!! We asked for the menu again, and decided to try their crepes. We ordered a ham, mushroom and cheese crepe (Another "chef's hat") and to our surprise the portion was huge! Unlike the conventional one layer crepe wrap, this crepe was in layers, wrapping thick rectangular strips of ham, juicy mushroom slices, and generous melted shavings of mozarella cheese. The crepe actually tasted quite delicious, maybe due to the cheezie weezies! We were overstuffed 3/4 way through the meal. SGD 8.90.

Verdict: The chicken wings were totally unsatisfactory. If we had skipped that dish, the bill would actually be quite affordable. The crepes portion was enough to un-growl your tummy. I think that the green tea shake also played a major role in filling our tummies.

The cafe offers decent food, and I'm definitely interested to try other dishes next time, or maybe just come back here for their awesome onion rings! The ambience is lovely, definitely a great place to chill out with your girlfriends, or have a romantic alone dinner with your partner, or a cool place for a small birthday celebration.

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