Saturday, May 3, 2008

Provence Bakery take 5 @ Holland Rd

This little Jap styled Bakery has become the Holy Temple for Demona's pilgrimage to Singapore. You could see her eye twinkling with " Provence Provence " the minute she awakens for breakfast.

Here it is, Provence Bakery, Take 5.

The usual Suspects: Blueberry Cream Pie. Soft, creamy bun bursting with gooey real blueberry jam. This is heavenly!
Almond Bun with Apple fillings: This is pretty interesting. The bun was soft with a good chunk of candied apple cubes in the centre. Commendable but slightly too sweet. Demona wipe it clean nonetheless!
Bacon Egg Toast Set: This gotta be one the best Bacon Egg Toast set I had for a long time.. MMMMMM,, savoury fried bacon sandwiched in between generous servings of tomatoes, lettuce and omelette. I am satisfied! At the cost of 5sgd per set, inclusive of side salad and tea/coffee, this is a real steal!

Japanese Curry Chicken Fried Bun: I find the fillings lacking in some spicy kick and it is a tad too mashed up. I could not taste much of the ingredients of the fillings. It was a little on the salty side as well. Pass.

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