Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lizardo@ holland

Excessive Calories - the nemesis of modern mankind.
Life is too short to miss out on those deliciously tempting food.
Yet Life will be much shorter if you eat excessively.
Think, before you eat.
Eat Responsibly!

-a community message brought to you by Food Venturas!

Demona and I did a 6km walk from Clementi to Holland Village and back under the scorching sun to Provence Bakery for breakfast. This is the only way out for preventing the evil calories from building up in our Vessels from previous nites of Chips Binging and the heavy breakfast.

It was tough and painful, but we have to endure. For great pain comes with great reward---HEALTH

En route back to Clementi, Demona spotted this poor lil chap that probably had starved to death under the scorching sun when it's tail was stuck in the street lamp post. It died a painful death....

Let us pray for lil lizzy, for she may be in peace now.

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