Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home cooked dinner@Aileen's house (Demona's new home)

Demona: This was my first time getting my hands dirty, creating some home made food craft in Aileen's kitchen. My, oh my, this woman has got branded kitchen utensils! Pots from La Gourmet, jugs from Tefal. Dogma and I went to shop for some groceries in the afternoon, to add more dishes to our humble dinner in this cozy sanctuary.

Demona: Dogma and I stumbled upon cheap deals for SPAM!. We used up a whole can of turkey ham meat, chopped them up into cubes and added them along with the pepper salt flavour beatened eggs. Shann put on his invisible chef hat and took his own hands on this dish. He slapped on a good scoop of fragrant butter to coat the pan and started sizzling away this gorgeous eggies. MMMmmmmmmm....the meaty flavour fused in with the creamy buttery eggs opened our taste buds wide! Lovely, lovely omellete!

Demona: Aileen and Shann bought some salmon meat from the wet market below where we stayed in the morning. She wrapped the meat with some aluminium foil, marinating in some oil, herbs, pepper, salt and lemon juice and steamed it. The outcome was fantastic! Needless to say, the meat was very fresh and the steam method of cooking was very healthy indeed.

Demona: Dogma, a mustard expert mixed some mustard sauce for us from the powder. This sauce gave a "ZINGGGGGG" effect to our dishes. Lovely, lovely!

Demona: Aileen also bought these little starch goodies from the wet market. The baby potatoes, which were so soft and sweet after giving them a warm hearty bake in the humble toaster of hers. I believe the best source for these is still from Cameron Highlands.

Demona: This was the biggest prawn which we caught for the day! Dogma taught us girls to boil them slowly, at low temperature so that they would not struggle, making the whole "KILLING" scene ugly. Which worked perfectly well! The prawns (I'm very sorry you guys) died peacefully. Dogma, truly an intelligent fella.

The prawns were delicious even with a simple dip of the mustard. Yummy! Next time, I want to try Tom Yam Kung. Next prawning trip, Dogma!

Verdict: A truly enjoyable dinner, simple, warm, hearty and we all had a great time cooking . It gave us bonding time, just sitting down on the dining table proudly eating something that we'd cooked and chit chatting, just about anything under the sun. I am sure we'll have more weekend cooking sessions in future. Keep a look out!

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