Monday, July 28, 2008

Dinner @ Reggae Club, Sanur Beach, Bali

Our first dinner at Sanur Beach's Reggae Club, Bali was really good.
Cool sea breeze, quiet environment coupled with a talented local artist performing with an acoustic. This is paradise.
Mixed Satay Rice@RP25,000: I'd ordered this mixed satay rice set that comes with pork, chicken and beef sate. For indonesian Satay, the dipping sauce is particularly sweeter than the Malaysian/Singaporean version while the meat is very much chunkier than what we get here. Good effort.Tuna Steak@RP35,000. Demona ordered this charcoal grilled Tuna Steak which was really fantastic. The thick, local Tuna fillet was slow grilled over charcoal by the beach. It took a good 20 minutes for the food to arrive and we thoroughly enjoyed the palm size, 3/4inch thick Tuna fillet. At rougly SGD5 per plate, this is definitely a steal!Calamari@RP15,000: The calamari is nothing to shout about. The rings were abit tiny and not particularly great. so so la.Bali Coffee@RP9,000: The thick, coarse, unfiltered Bali Coffee is quite an acquired taste. Adding milk and sugar to it and it taste kinda off balance unlike typical coffee. Best is to drink it neat without any milk. At the background is Bintang Beer costing RP15,000. Simple and lite lager. The chef at work: SImply open air kitchen, with rusty grill pit. Not for the faint hearted and hygiene freak but the food rocks!An View to Die For! Bali oh Bali, it is such a scenic and tranquil beauty.

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