Monday, July 28, 2008

Ice Cream @Kuta

Demona: While adventurously (or blindly in other words) walking around the streets of Kuta, exploring for whatever that was eye-catching up ahead. That was when we walked past this gelato shop. That HUGE giant ice cream cone cut-out poster caught our eyes.

Demona: We looked left and were greeted with tubs and tubs of beautifully-decorated-and-looked-oh-so-delicious! gelato ice creams and we just could not walk away from it. It was like as if a spell was cast upon us. We had forgotten how full we actually were from the heavy lunch, and started choosing the flavours.

Demona: I am an ALL TIME fan of Kinder Bueno. Best part of all, 3 packs of Kinder is only SGD 3.40! Where as, only ONE pack of Kinder in Malaysia is priced at an average of RM 2.90. Kinder was a luxury, thus Dogma always buys KB over from Singapore when I was still based in KL... and I'll be gleefully tearing away the packet and chomping down the bueno, like a dog getting a bacon doggie treat. But these little Dogma doggie treats seemed to have slowed down as time passes by...... (GRRRRRRRRRRR)...... ladies out there, are all men like that? Haha.

Alright, I apologise, it appears that I had diverted away. Haha. Back to the story, needless to say, the Kinder Bueno flavour caught my attention right away. I didn't even bothered tasting the flavour. The KBs stucked in between ice cream was enough to convince me.

Demona: Dogma chose the Don Vito flavour, with some raspberry flavours. He wanted to choose some local flavours, eg: mangosteen, durian, but I unleashed my veto power and said.. NOOOOOOOO.

Verdict: The total cost was 45000 rupiah. I was very disappointed when the ice cream cone was handed over to us. The scoops were....SO SMALL. SO SO SO SO SMALL. Pathetically small that it did not even fit the cone space. It was nothing near the looks of the giant cut-out poster. I was already grumbling to Dogma in Hokkien by then. The taste of the ice creams were disappointing too. If we HAD to choose the better of the two, the Kinder was better than Don Vito's.

You can taste the flavour of the Kinder in the ice cream, but ZERO chocolate chunks were found in it. YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

The Don Vito one tasted quite wierd. The raspberry flavour taste kinda' swung towards the cough syrup effect. You could taste small gritty bits of the berries but that was about it. Let Dogma finish this one up. PHEW.

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