Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sales dinner celebration / Demona's farewell@Ben&Nicks Diner, Subang SS15

This dinner was held in conjunction of Demona's workteam's sales dinner as well as to celebrate the last night for Demona in KL before moving down to Singapore to kickstart her new career.

2 plus years of great fun, pretty emotional and ambivalent I would say, for her to leave her colleagues of 2 years in Roche and face the daunting environment/culture. Initially, I wanted to write this post, but after giving some thought, I decided to leave this post for Demona to write on as this event had more attachment to her, put aside the food aspect.

Demona: This was the grilled salmon dish. This dish was only average. The salmon was a little over cooked thus, the meat was less juicy and it crumbled quite easily each time I forked through the meat.

Demona: Dogma and I were madly in love, head over heels over deep fried, bread crumb battered calamari rings. Honestly, we were almost always tempted to order the dish however many times we were horribly dissapointed with the dish's outcome.

Thus, we also ordered the deep fried calamari rings as our appetizers too. The calamari size was slightly larger than our local 50 cent coins, but the colour seemed too dark, as if the oil was not fresh. The rings were not too chewy and tough, showing that the cooking time was just nice. However, in terms of money for value, this dish is a big no no. If I am not wrong, there were only 5 or 6 rings in total, and the rest of the plate was covered with fries.

Demona: Aside from being seafood-ie for the night, we turned carnivorous too! I ordered a sirloin steak. Grrrrrrrrrrrr...!!! The portion was quite decent, definitely enough for one's tummy to fill up nicely. The corn could have tasted so much better if it was grilled well, and coated with some spicy sweet sauce or butter!

Demona: The medium rare sirloin which I ordered was cooked right at how we wanted it. Nicely grilled on the outside, but preserving its tender juiciness on the inside. Very, very juicy. Yummi-licious! Dogma and I happily sink in our carnivorous cavities! Grrrrrrrrrr....

Demona: It was really great to have a nice relaxing dinner with those I had worked with closely for the past two years, right from the top BU manager to the grasses (us) below, without the restrictions of the ties, collared shirts and working shoes.

The ambience was quite homely, with the jazzy music and little bulbs to dimly brighten the dining area but the BIGGEST, JUICIEST, FATTEST NO NO was to dine OUTSIDE of this tiny cozy restaurant tucked in the corner of Tiaraville condominium, next to SS15 Subang's Carrefour. The mosquitoes outside were great predators. Their main aim: suck blood, inject poison. We ended up swinging that electric fly/mosquito tennis racquet-like swatter for the whole night and yet I ended up getting more than 20 horribly itchy bulges from my thigh to my toe. The bites were so poisonous that they itched for days and left scars.

Alright, alright. Put aside the grumbling on the insect pests, I truly enjoyed chilling out with each and everyone, for the final time. My darling colleagues also bought me a gorgeous black Guess bag as a farewell present! You guys are the sweetest!

My boss, G kept on teasing Dogma on taking good care of me *AHEM* if not he would send mafias to make Dogma into 369. I found that quite hilarious. I am very happy that Dogma made an effort to be a part of this dinner event.

To you:


You all made my 2 years of work a truly meaningful experience. I will miss all of you dearly.*HUGS*


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