Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dragon-I Restaurant@Midvalley Megamall

Demona: After doing some grocery shopping in Carrefour, I came over to Dragon-I for dinner, a few days before I moved down to Singapore. I guess, I could call it a farewell dinner. The restaurant was almost full despite being a week night.

Oh yeah... my aunt did her usual stunt, declined all sorts of paper towels and tiny bowls of appetizers, usually placed on your table once you are seated down. I do agree with her that restaurants usually price these fairly high, which more often than not, are just not worth spending on. Need I say more, the black shining paper towel was taken away soon after I snapped a picture of it.

Demona: This was the sliced fish with brinjal dish. This was the best dish that we had for the night. The sliced fish was nicely fried, with a thin, crunchy outer layer wrapping all the moist, juicy, fresh fish meat. The brinjals were also fried to soft perfection! Coated with sweet, spicy darkened sauce. Both of us were very satisfied with the outcome of this dish. One thing though, the fish slices were much less than the brinjals. RM 22.80.

Demona: The pork chop slices were a part of the "LA MIEN" (literal translation: pull noodles) set. Very oily, porky, but still fairly tender. Quite enjoyable, I would say.... but deep fried stuffs hardly go wrong, unless the food was already cold or the meat was too hard and chewy.

Demona: This was the "LA MIEN", the soup wasn't too bad. The broth was quite clear, yet savoury with hints of spring onion flavours. I got quite thirsty after that though, highly suspecting strong doses of MSGs/salt may have been added in the soup. If I remembered correctly, this set cost RM 17 or 18.

Demona: This was my lemon barley drink. Major disappointment. The drink was just too sweet that the barley and lemon flavour was overpowered by it. Overpriced for a barley drink also, I can't recall the price.. but should be RM3-5.

Demona: My aunt was totally drawn to this dish's picture from its menu. It was a minced meat dish with some toasted sesame seeded wraps to stuff em' meat in. Much like an Asian rendition of a tortilla wrap. She was quite fascinated with the description and though my keenness was not as high as hers, she was the one who was going to sign the bill, I obligingly followed along (Free food, don't talk too much!)

We were very surprised on the size of the wraps as they were much bigger than we expected. 6 big pieces of wrap.... VS.... one tiny bowl of minced meat. The balance was a little out, I must say. The taste of the wrap was quite bland and to make each bite enjoyable, you have to stuff a lot of em' minced meat in! Which obviously, was not possible ... KUCHI bowl remember?

This dish cost above RM 20 plus too.

Demona: An upclose pict of the meat. The meat was quite enjoyable: sour, savoury and nice to chew because mixed along with em', were chopped small pieces of pickled vegetables. Problem was.... KUCHI, KUCHI, KUCHI. How to please 6 gigantic wraps??

Demona: The chilli paste was.... gooooooood. Superbly spicy, and oily. As expected, Demona being a crazy chill go-er with a fairly sensitive stomach... spent the rest of the night sitting on the 'throne'.

Verdict: The total cost was RM 75, inclusive of ++. Almost RM40 bucks a head. EXPENSIVE! But I must admit, for two persons, we may have ordered a bit too much. We could not finish our meal, and which food was left behind? : The wraps, of course.. as well as the fish brinjal dish too. Next "kiasu" step, TAPAO or DA-PAO! Even for 3 persons: about RM 25, the portion shared will definitely be less, and for that price tag, it probably would not be cost worthy anyway.

Food wise: Above average, if looking at the whole meal overall.
Ambience : A bit noisy, but you can still carry on a conversation without screaming and spitting on the other person's face and the environment is quite comfortable.
Price : Be ready to pay a bit more than what's expected.

Location :
Lingkaran Syed Putra
GF Main Lobby Cititel Hotel
Mid Valley

Tel: (603) 2095 2593

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