Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rong Kai's Anthony Yong Tau Fu

Sorry guys for the less than frequent updates.....We have always try to do a 1 post 1 day kind of routine but our posting rate has been severely disrupted with Demona's relocation to Singapore.
Do give her another week or two to settle in Singapore and you guys will see her posts in no time!

Back to this Yong Peng Anthony YTF, I was on the way to KL to pick up Demona and chanced upon this restaurant recommended by my aunty in Yong Peng. The restaurant is called Rong Kai and it housed the famous Anthony Fish Ball/YongTauFu. It's a typical corner lot Koptiam with 1 stall selling the YTF.
The signage inside the restaurant. The Famous Fish Cake: At RM3 per piece, this is not exactly value for money. I wasnt too excited over this fishcake. Yes, it is less plasticky than most commercial fishcake, yet nothing extra to scream about.
HorFun "DRY": MMM, i'd always like dry horfun and it is heartwarming to have a good bowl of this delicacy. I yet to find any good dry horfun stalls in Singapore. Any suggestions?
Assorted YTF: At 80cents per piece, not exactly cheap but it is pretty fresh. Without the excessive gelatin found in most commercial YTF
Chili Willi: Pretty spicy with a sourish note.

Verdict: Anthony offers some good YTF and the fish ball in particular was pretty good. Naturally chewy but not rubbery. Cant taste some good fresh fishes in it. The total bills comes to 32rm for 3 of us, including 1 drink each. Not exactly cheap and not exactly exciting. Probably i'll try some other stalls in YongPeng Town the next time I pop by.

Location: Main Street of Yong Peng, If you exit via the YongPeng (Selatan) at the North South Highway, keep looking at your left. The restaurant name is RongKai.

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