Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chocolate Chip Muffins@Demona's home

Demona: I am baking these chocolate chip muffins as a small farewell gift for my colleagues.

Demona: The electric mixer ferociously beat both the butter and sugar to fuse them together. I just love the sweet buttery fragrant aroma that these two entities released when they are mixed together.

Demona: A bowlful of these cute, buttony looking chocolate chips, to add more sugary sinful goodness into my muffins and to give them the polka-dotey look.

Demona: Time to dress up my little baby muffins, with black "dresses" and give them a retro polka dot look!

Demona: After finished decorating my first batch of muffins, I took out mom's space craft oven to preheat for about 10 minutes or so.

Demona: While waiting for the first batch to be baked, I covered the batter with a cloth to prevent it from drying up. Mom had to clear the food dishes away from the dining table for this baker wanna-be to make a mess out of it.

Demona: The baking time for each batch was around 20 minutes. While waiting for my polka dot babies to turn brown and fragrant, I went to chill out with my darling dog... who seemed really sleepy and bored as the afternoon was hot as hell.

Demona: Can you see them chocolate chips melt and the light yellow batter slowly baking their way into the golden brown colour?

Demona: Whoa-lah! These babies are ready to be devoured! They smelt absolutely buttery wonderful! I individually packed each into a plastic bag and left a note for each of my colleagues.

Demona: Do not be fooled by the bulging chocolate chips, they actually melted once I bit them! But of course, this only happened when the muffins were still fairly warm. The ones inside were melted, giving a marble effect. The sweetness of the batter was subtle, which was great because in between bites, you get a taste of sweetness from the chocolates.

However, the freshness factor still plays a major role in baking I realised. The moisture of the muffins were very much reduced even after a day, and by the time they reached the mouth of my colleagues, they were a bit hardened already. What a disappointment. I probably could have added more milk, but the best thing is to eat them within hours, fresh from the oven.

Of course, that was not possible then as I could only bake back in Taiping, and not in KL where I worked.

Anyhow, I hope I am able to get a small portable oven soon in Singapore, so I can do some baking on my own on weekends! Soon... I believe... soon!

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