Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ch Malescot 1983

After lunch we head back to SH's burrow and continue to have more wines.
Ch Malescot St Exupery Margaux 1983@110SGD: The 1983 supposed to be a weak year for Bordeaux but SH assure us this would be interesting. This bottle opened up with some bottle stink and we gave it a 20 minute breather before sipping out first sip. The first sip was filled with greenish damp earth and herbs. Palate was hollowed. After another 30 minutes of decanting, an elegant black tea emerged on the nose, with some leather backbone. The palate was medium and a tad soft due to 25 years of aging. Some dark fruits emerged with further aeration in the glass with elegant mild tannins. This bottle is definitely not dead yet after a quarter century of aging. Ahhh, it showed us that never trust 100% what the big Wine Guru preached. We should always try the lesser vintages wines and who knows we might find a sleeping gem in them!

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