Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rhone Tasting @ Vinum

B invited me for a Rhone tasting at Caveau on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Somehow, more often than not, a simple wine tasting has extended into a 9 hours (12pm to 9pm) marathon of wine drinking. But surprisingly, i wasn't drunk but just uncomfortable with the huge amount of food/crackers and liquid consumed.

We tasted 19 Rhone wines at Caveau ranging from Cote Du Rhone, CDP, Gigondas, Cote Rotie to some whites from the region. i'll just have a brief note on the wines that day.

2002 Clos du Caillou Cotes du Rhone@40SGD:
Eye: Dark Garnet Red
Nose: Gamey, Kirsh. Animal
Palate: Some lift of bitter herbs at end palate. So so

2003 Clos Du Callou Cotes Du Rhone Bouquet Des Garrigues@48SGD
Eye: purplish
Nose: Candied Cherry, some LorHonGuo or chinese herbs. Sweet big bitter chinese tea. Complex
Palate:Silky, tannin, end palate some grippy tannin emerged
Star Wine!

2003 Lucien Et Andre Brunel Cotes Du Rhone Cuvee Sommelongue@47SGD
Eye:pale red
Nose:Woody tone, furry pepper
Palate:Grippy tannins, enjoyable for a CDR

2003 Fonsalette Cotes Du rhone@102SGD
Eye: Intense red
Nose:Complex and intense nose of fruit, MOU-FA-GUO, chinese herbal note
Palate:Grippy tannins
Very impressive Cotes Du Rhone, but the price put everybody off

2001 Domain De La Vieille Julienne CDP@70SGD
Sweet, cherry beefy
some woody tone on palate. So so typical CDP.
Rated 90RP but boring stuff. Jammy

2002 Domain De La Vieille Julienne CDP@64SGD
Similar to the 2001 but with more alcohol heat and less complexity and intensity

2003 Clos Du Caillou CDP@117SGD
Nose: Sweet Licorice, herbs
Palate: Grippy tannins. Typical CDP

2003 Lucien et Andre Brunel CDP les Cailloux@72.76SGD
Nose: very Complex, bitter furry licorice. Beasty
Nose: Very very great intensity without killing alcohol. Liquor nose.
AMazing, the best CDP so far!

2001 Domain De LA crillone Cotes Du Ventoux@58.85sgd
Furry, bitter, woddy, kirsh. Big on medicinal herbs

2003 Saint Cosme Gigondas@70sgd
Nose: Less but still noticible liquor, candied cherry
Palate: Gummy, but clean grippy tannins.

2003 Saint Cosme Saint Joseph@58.85SGD
Nose: Gamey, liquor, leather, chinese herbal
Palate: Big tannins, some greenish note, lift of chinese herbs at end palate

2001 Thierry Allemand Cornas Les Chaillots@80sgd
Nose: Big rounded, alcohol nose
Palate: Herbal mid, some cherry at impact.

2001 Jean Paul et Jean Luc Jamet Cote Rotie@140SGD
Nose: Big, purple flower, cooked nose iwth cherry, liquor fur at the back bone
Palate: Bitter, tannic, big structure

2002 Bernard Burgaud Cote Rotie@80.25
Big smelly cheese nose..... blue cheese. cant taste much on palate due to overpowering nose. Divide the crowd into "hate it" or "Love it" camps

2002 Rene Rostaing Cote Rotie Cuvee Terroir@94sgd
Nose: cooked Vegetables, big
Palate: bitter tannins

2002 Saint COsme Cote Rotie@98SGD
did not record much but just written Complex, enjoyable in my note

2003 Chateau Cosme Cotes du Rhone Blanc@40.66
Nose. Pineapple
Palate: BIGBIGBIG palate with complex note of oilyness and whatever

2003 Vignobles Brunier Vieux TElegraphe Blanc@80.75
Rated 91RP. nose of wood and honeyed citrus but pretty complex big palate

2004 Saint Cosme Condriue Blanc@100SGD
Toastynote, honey suckle.

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