Sunday, June 15, 2008

Provence Take 5

Demona: I think I'm going to walk to Provence almost everyday if possible, to get my lunatic cravings for these sweet, delicious, creamy buttery golden brown pastries. I am probably one of the easiest girls to please: There is no need for flashy leather bags, expensive jewellery, exotic holidays etc.. just feed... me... with... yummy tum tum food.

This was another chocolate danish pastry. The swirls reminded me of my darling red bean bun by Baker's Cottage. The danish pastry was so soft, buttery, and very chocolatey indeed as the swirl layers were quite thick. In the midst of the softness, in comes the crunchy fragrant aroma of toasted almond slices. Purrrrrrr-fect. Mmmmmmm.... looking at the pict made me all lunatic now!

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