Friday, June 6, 2008

Bai Xian Restaurant@Taman Melawati

Demona: Bai Xian is a regularly visited restaurant by my aunts. They enjoy the dishes here, and one of my aunts also signed up as a member of Bai Xian. She was given a membership card, which entitles her for a 10% discount everytime she dines here.

Demona: They even advertised their restaurant with pictures of it as well as a brief description of how Bai Xian came about. Apparently, the business has been going on for about 15 years already. That is a fairly long time!

Demona: They make GREAT sambal here. Spicy, hot, thick, sweet! I finished it within minutes, I even added in sliced red chillis to give the spiciness an extra kick! Me tummy was burning badly after the meal. :(

Demona: I selected my favourite dish, eggplants! Cooked with minced pork. A great rendition. The eggplant strips were so soft that they just melt in your mouth. The minced pork along with its gravy was quite nice, flavourful with a little spicy feel from the chopped chilli bits. Thumbs up!

Demona: This was the yam basket, with dried chilli chicken pieces inside. This dish was average, the chicken meat was spicy due to the dried chillis, other than that, nothing much worth remembering. The yam was quite smooth, but the outer flaky layer was not crumbly enough.

Demona: This was the claypot tofu with mixed vegetables dish. The tofus were also trademark made by Bai Xian itself. The tofus weren't too bad, very egg-like and smooth. A good effort by the chefs, I must say.

Demona: Spicy nyonya fish! This was the STAR of the night! The fish was quite fresh, the meat did not have a funky, seafood-like fishy smell and was soft and tender, protected by the deep fried crunchy outer layer. The gravy... the gravy.... THE GRAVY....! This KEY ingredient was the backbone for getting this dish the STAR. Spicy, sour, sweet, garlic-ky, onions....all happiness into one!

Demona: Even there was not much fish meat left, I continued to scoop up the heavenly gravy and just licked them up from my spoon like licking a popsicle! Except that it was savoury, and not sweet. Do you think that the plate looked quite clean? I'm sure the dish washers were thankful for eaters like me :)

Verdict: 4 moderate sized portion dishes, enough for 5 persons, including a pot of tea, cost RM 59 after at 10% discount. I must say, it was quit decently priced, considering the fact that we ordered a fish as well. This is definitely one good chinese eatery for a simple family dinner gathering on a Sunday night. Needless to say, my aunts will continue on to come back for dinner here. One's a member, another lives 10 minutes away from here.

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