Sunday, June 15, 2008

Joochiat Teochew Restaurant

Demona: After the Sunday mass, we strolled aroung Joo Chiat area in search of some interesting goodies for our growling tummies. I am a bread enthusiast, and Dogma wanted to introduce to me an interesting toast bread near by the church. His brief synopsis of it got me tingling all over with excitement.

Demona: Dogma took charge on ordering a plate of rice with some Teo Chew dishes, while I took handled the bread and a regular dose of caffeine. He walked back with a mountainful of food. I remembered the first word that I uttered out was, "Whowwwwwwww....".

Some "Kiam chai" (salted vegetables), baby squidies, omelette, duck meat slices, and a little hill of rice. ONLY SGD 5. Gosh... you definitely can't get this at RM 5 back home, especially the fact that the dishes were of seafood, and meat like duck, and sooooo much of food.

The dishes were average, but for the price, I would say good overall performance! I wouldn't mind eating these often.

Demona: Some of the yummy juices available for us to coat the dishes with. Dogma's breath was like the king of dragonland. *close nostrils*

Demona: The toast bread was quite interesting, just like what Dogma said. It had a brownish toast colour but yet the bread was soft, fluffy, lovable to chew.... as if it was steamed. Maybe, they actually did both steps! The butter and sugar coating was a bit too 'economical'. The uncles should coat more! No kaya was added in their toast bread.

Verdict: Wear mask protection when the waiter uncle approaches, either that, or order your drinks and bread a metre away from him. When you tell him what you want, he immediately screams out your orders to another expert drink maker uncle behind the counter. I felt a few drops of saliva from this dear uncle... URKS. :(



buay kia said...

hi where is this joo chiat teo chew restaurant? address? many thanks!

Dogma said...

Hi Buay Kia,

This teochew stall is at the Kopitiam at the junction of Dunman road and Joo Chiat. Very near to 1) Canton Wok 2) Imperial Soup Restaurant 3) Lobster House