Friday, June 6, 2008

King Crab Seafood Restaurant@Taman Mewah Jaya, PJ

Demona: The HUGE ASS sign with a giant crab on the opposite side of the Kelana Jaya LRT station along the LDP highway is hardly missed. If you did miss seeing it, I would suggest a visit to the ophthalmologist! Crab eating sessions do not often come by, and this time, YK, my colleague has decided to treat us (he received a merit award... in terms of cash of course!) at KCSR. He chipped in RM200, and we would top up the rest of the bill. There were 12 of us on that bright yellow clothed table that night.

Demona: Stir fried potato leaves. This dish was only average. The vegetables were quite oily, and a bit too hard. RM 20.

Demona: Deep fried bean curd pieces with mushroom slices, in a sticky, savoury gravy. The bean curds were egg based, quite smooth.. but the usual, I had to add chillies on it to give the taste a burning oomph! This dish was also average, there wasn't any distinct features which it had to differentiate itself from beancurd dishes elsewhere. RM 23.

Demona: The man of the show, ordered 1 kg of salted egg yolk crabs. RM 43. The crumbly, sandy, salty egg yolks coated the shells of this deliciousness. I have never been a fan of "Ham Tan" (salted egg yolk).. thus, this cooking rendition was OK for me. The crabs were a bit small though. However, for the others who enjoyed devouring this salty eggy goodness, they gave thumbs up, with the crabs' claws and legs sticking out from their mouths.

Demona: This... was MY claw. :) My favourite part of the crab. The claw was small though :( "Potong steam"... locals would understand what I meant.

Demona: This was 1 kg of crabs cooked in marmite sauce. RM 43. As you know, there were 12 of us.. 12 HUNGRY, BARBARIC, MONSTERS, when the dishes came, it was basically a siapa-cepat-dia-dapat (first come first serve meaning) game. And since I was too busy trying to take a good picture (in order not to get a nagging session from yours truly, Dogma), by the time I finished, not much was left on the table.


I did not get a chance to try this one out.

Demona: They sure looked quite tasty though. Those who tried said that this was average only. Now THIS is a huge ass claw. *Drools*

Demona: This was 1 kg of crabs cooked in dried chilli. RM 43. I was QUICK enough to grab a claw this time. This was the best of all three cooking styles. The chilli paste coating the shells were sweet, hot, spicy.. yummylicious! Better than licking a popsicle. Best part of all, the claw.. was quite big. You just can't help feeling all "MUAHAHAHAHA" inside when you cracked open the shell of the claw to get this big round chunky juiciness out, then chew it down.. ngarm ngarm ngarm ngarm.

Demona: Vegetables in soup, with bits of beancurd. Average dish too. At least the vegetables were quite soft. RM 26.

Demona: The honey pork ribs (RM30) took forever to arrive at our table. We had a period of "hibernation" while waiting for the pork and prawns. So.. the small chats.. laa di dah session went on for quite some time.

When the ribs came, the barbarians in us surfaced. The pork had a sweetened, caramelized layer on its outer skin. I must say, the first taste of it was quite satisfying. However, when my teeth sank in deeper, I realised that the meat was getting, chewy, chewy, chewy. I could hardly bite the meat apart. The meat was probably old, or overcooked.

Demona: The prawns, were cooked.. in marmite sauce, I guess. Or some sticky, sweet soy sauce. The dish was also average only. Butter prawns are still the way to go for me. Anyway, the prawns cost RM 60. Whopper price! Each of us got about 1 to 2 prawns max.

Verdict: The total bill came up to RM 382. I thought the price was a bit steep, but considering air-conditioning, extra service by the waitresses, and Klang Valley, and "Harga naik naik naik", it was expected, I guess. The portion of dishes to share within 12 of us, was only enough for tasting. I only had one of each, except the marmite crab.

When it comes to seafood, I think it will be far more enjoyable and less costly, if eaten at a chinese seafood restaurant, with no airconditioning, pure messy hands and mouths, high noise level, no big budget adverts or signages.. just plain, kick ass seafood.

For RM 382, I believe there are many seafood restaurants out there than can put up a better fight in terms of food, price, satisfaction.

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Zack Ong said...

I've tried seafood in a number of places before, and if you guys are looking for a great time I suggest either Tanjung Sepat or Kuala Selangor. The food there is fresh and delicious~!

Do check out some pics I got at Tanjung Sepat ^^