Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Horrifying Italiannies@The Curve

Demona: One of my best girlfriends, LY was going to turn a quarter century old in a few days time. We came to Italiannies to celebrate this joyous (LY, is it?) occasion. A joyous occasion quickly turned sour due to the terribly horrifying experience in this restaurant.

Demona: These were the usual bread slices that they offered as appetizers, along with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some herbs. The bread was a bit too hard but we were extremely hungry by then, thus anything would taste good.

Demona: N ordered an Aglio Oglio pasta. The portion was undeniably huge, but she barely ate a mouthful out of the monstrous plate. There was barely an inch of Aglio Oglio taste in it. It was as if, a 5 year old kid cooked it, and learned it from a ABC book. She was furious, and you don't want to mess with N, especially when her hunger mode was switched on. Using her pre-learnt law school methods, she debated her way through and demanded that this meal was taken off the receipt.

And.. she made a peculiar remark to the chef itself.

N : I'm sorry. Your Aglio Oglio is not glistening at all. It doesn't even look like one. (Glistening?)

Demona: I ordered a Hawaiian chicken pizza, to share with Princess G. The crusts on the side were so dry and hard that I left all of them aside. The toppings were pretty average, tomato paste with chicken meat, some capsicum slices and pineapple chunks. N ended up eating pizza as well because of the rejected un-glistened pasta.

Demona: This was the birthday girl's dish. I can't recall the exact name of it, but it was something like, grilled fish with capers and lemon. From the look of the dish, you could clearly tell that... *blegh* this was going down hill all the way. The fish tasted so wierd that when all of us tried it, we just couldn't put any words to describe its taste.

Demona: This was EV's dish. I think it was the chicken parmigianna. All of us agreed that her dish was the safest among all because it was basically deep fried bread crumbs coated boneless chicken and tomato paste based spaghetti. I think any of us can easily make this in their home's humble kitchen.

Verdict: It cost each of us nearly RM40 for this ... I can't even call it a meal myself because to be honest, we left most of the food behind. A truly traumatic experience, I do not think any from the 6 of us will want to spend a penny more at this restaurant. The quality has gone with the winds.

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