Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vintage india@Dempsey Hill

Y and I went for a simple Indian dinner at Vintage India@ Dempsey on a lazy sunday night. However, the dinner turned out to be anything but simple.....

Upon entering the restaurant, the decoration is plush, fine porcelain ware and with an ultra attentive service. Not exactly my type of restaurant for Indian food.Appetizer of mint chutney and some tomato spicy chutney + rolled up papadam (FOC): The papadam looks funky but it was pretty stale. Think they had left the papadam for sometime already.Appetiser of Samosa (FOC): A cute looking samosa on top of potato mash and some greens. Nicely presented but tasted average. Grilled Cottage cheese (Paneer)SGD22: This is kinda pricey for 6 pieces of grilled cottage cheese. The cottage cheese texture was pretty fine but lacking in extra oomph in the accompanying spices. Will skip this next time.Grilled Lamb Chop@30SGD: Whao, very very nice and juicy lambchop. THe lamb was cooked to perfection with the meat being tender and juicy. The lamb also locked in a macho spicy flavour. Win but pricey!Chicken Tikka Masala@24SGD: Well, the flavour was not bad but not exciting either, lacking in some ooomph in there. I suspect the chef adjusted the flavour to suit the more expatriate taste bud.Some after dinner Mint (FOC): The waiter brought over a vintage wooden box filled with 4 drawers of different kind of indian mint. They have spiced betel nuts, some mix nuts, some minty sweets etc. I am not expert in such indian after dinner mint but they are indeed interesting to look at!
Close up shots of the after dinner mint:

The total bill is about 100bucks for 2 pax. urgh.

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