Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yuet Loy Take 2

Demona: (screamsssss out... "WOK HEI!") Dogma's mind was clouded by these thoughts during his first Yuet Loy experience. He wanted to infect us with some wok hei goodness too and we had our double date dinner here, A, S, Dogma and I. The hawker centre was like a maze, with a gazillion stalls, it was packed to the brim at every corner and worst of all, they looked the same. Dogma was the leader of the pack, with his powerful sense of smell, he smelt his way into Yuet Loy. Kaching!

Demona: YL's owner pre-empted us of a 1 hour waiting period. "Whoa.. 1 hour??? The food must be darn great alright." That did not stop Dogma's hound-like nostrils. He sniffed himself away somewhere, and before we realised anything, he was.... gone.


And this hunger driven Dogma came back with a plateful of sinful lard and duckies. Siohhhhhh Bark! Siohhhhhhhh Ark! I believed they must taste really good, for an impatient one, like Dogma, queuing up with the rest of the world to buy them.

Demona: The roast pork was a bit too fatty for my liking, but it suited Dogma nicely! The roast duck was quite nice though: tender, savoury, and not too fatty. His mood was a little under the weather that evening, and you could hear silent growls when he was interrupted during his meal.

Demona: Hey, where did you buy them from?
Dogma: Grrrrrrrrrr... Grrrrrrrrrrr..
Demona : Urks. Ok nevermind.

Demona: This was the ginger steamed chicken. Quite an interesting dish, considering the pungent ginger flavour cleared any possible blocks in our nostrils. The chicken meat was average, very fatty too. Urks.

Demona: This was their home made tofu, with some bean sprouts. I enjoyed them tofus very much! They were very soft, mmmmmmmmmm... and flavourful. The egg taste was quite apparent too.

Demona: This was the fish meat with fermented sauce. I loved the sauce, extremely hot and spicy! The fish meat was average, maybe cuz' I'm usually a bit turned off eating a boney fish. I choked badly once when I was a kid over a huge fish bone, and since then, I'm slightly put off over them.

Verdict: We had one more dish, with minced pork and vegetables. That was the ultimatum among all! Very peppery, spicy, flavourful, and had the most wok hei among the four dishes. Dogma mentioned it had MUCH more wok hei locked in during his previous experience. He said this was not the best performance by their chef. Maybe it was the weekend, and peak dinner hour (since we waited for an hour).. Mr. Chef may had been tired and busily rushing through his cooking. Anyhow, pricing wise, was quite decent. SGD 40. I'm sure we'll head over here sometime soon again!

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