Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng@SS2

Demona: I came over to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, located next to Gloria Jeans, in the busy streets of SS2 to join my colleagues for lunch. Personally, I had a horrible experience with Kim Gary, and frankly speaking, I did not place my hopes high on this similar dining concept.

The menu was extremely lengthy... felt like I was reading a story book.

Demona: I ordered my drug for the day, iced coffee. The glass was.... TALL. Check out the height difference, compared to YK's handphone and the spoon. However, do not be fooled by its first appearance height, the diameter of the glass was small, thus not much volume. The mountainful of ice inside didn't help either. A big time gimmick to cut cost. Grrrrrrrrrrrr...

The quality of the coffee was bad as well. The coffee taste and aroma was minimal. They were all covered with sugar. Blergh.

Demona: This was some sorta' Mango Yogurt Shake. It came in a jar, which reminded me of Murni's rendition of mango shake. However, their jars were full, and there were plentiful of fruit varietals added. This present one, however, had much less fruits and it was only half filled, and cost much more.

The shake was TOOOOOOO sweet. Although I'm diabetic free, I probably needed an insulin jab after having this shake. Grrrrrrrrrr....

Demona: This was another mango rendition, offered by WKCCT. I couldn't recall its exact name, but it's something like KTZ's mango dessert. This was better, if you're comparing with KTZ's. At least, there were more fruits in it than KTZ's. The sugar level was much less in this one, which made it more enjoyable. In fact, this is an extremely easy dessert to make, if we have an ice blender at home.... and the cost is probably reduced by a few hundred percentages!

Demona: Another fruit drink (I don't know what fruit it is, but apparently the seeds are edible). Giant bottle again, but packed with ice. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Demona: This was the XO sauce fried rice. I would say, the fried rice was quite enjoyable. A little bit of wok hei, savoury, not too oily and I guess the biggest culprit for this dish's success was the amazing sambal. People out there, who wishes to try this dish.. do not forget to request for some sambal! One lousy part though.. I barely tasted the XO. It got me wondering.... one tiny drop of XO, 5 tablespoons of it, can also be labelled as XO sauce fried rice. This plate was definitely under the 1 drop category alright.


Demona: These were some sweet and sour beancurd wrapped meat rolls. Average dish. The outer layer was very sticky, gooey, sweet but opened up to savoury, tangy, meatyness inside.

P/S: The sambal helped made them tasted better.

Verdict: 3 drinks, 2 mango desserts, a plate of XO fried rice and some beancurd meat rolls cost about RM 75. STEEP pricing.. I would say, considering the amount of food that we've ordered. I do not think I will be back here anytime soon.

I knew the experience would be similar as Kim Gary's, but comparing both, I think I prefer wasting my money here than KG.

Good place to hang out for Chinese youth, who would spend RM 15 at least. Not a place for food lovers. You will end up paying for something unsatisfying to your tastebuds and your pockets.

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