Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wine Session@YY's

Demona: I remembered craving wine for that few days, and one fine day.. my crave went to its most desperate level. I sent out a mass text to my colleagues for a wine session at YY's house, and knowing that it was my last few weeks of work, many were OBLIGED to agree to my proposed plan. Hahaha. The art of blackmail.

These were the wines of the night.

Demona: I called Dogma and asked if I could open a bottle from my stocks here. Reluctantly, he suggested the Green Valley 2002 Shiraz. This was the first bottle of wine bought by him but drank without his presence. He was excited to know my opinions on the wine, but saddened that he could not take a sip of it.

I may not have thorough explanatory terms such as Dogma's, but the following was the impression that the wine had given to me:

The colour was quite bright reddish. I could smell some berry fruitiness in the beginning. The wine was quite smooth, with mid acidity and tannin. This didn't make it hard to sip it down fast. Typical of a Shiraz, it had a peppery taste too. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot because of its smoothness. YY agreed with me on this point as well. Anyway, I've always enjoyed Margaret River wines.. all introduced to me, courtesy of Dogma.

Demona: The lady host, YY opened two bottles of this. The colour of the wine was dark reddish. Very strong fruity smell also, and not too tannin too. The wine was not as smooth as Green Valley, I'm not too sure.. because it is still a young wine? A bit of peppery taste too, but very mild. I still put my heart on Dogma's great choice among the two.

P/S: OMG. I think this is my first post on wine. Hence, this :

Dogma says:
ur description abit limited

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