Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Black Canyon Coffee@Jaya Jusco, Ipoh

Demona: YK and I decided to make a pit stop yamchar session at Black Canyon before we continued on with work. I've eaten here a few times before, and they had presented fairly decent food as far as I remembered.

Demona: Empty, empty place... business must be bad these days. Most of the customers here ate at the revamped food court instead. I guess, the food court offers cheaper food than the rest of the restaurants here, and people probably became less picky on their food after the fuel hike.

Demona: This was a mocha coffee shake. The coffee shake was ooooh, oh so creamy! Yet, the taste of their south african imported coffee was quite strong, and thankfully, the drink was not diabetic. The scoop of ice cream was clearly, the cappucino ice cream from KING's. I used to love eating that ice cream back in school, and the chippedy chocolate chips made it very enjoyable. RM 8.95. (Good quality, and STILL cheaper than Starbucks/Coffee Bean etc)

Demona: I was itching to try something different. The "Jamaica Coffee" name caught my eye. Thus, I opted for it. Same price as the one above, but volume wise was truly disappointing. You could see the dark brown layer on the bottom of the glass, that was the brewed coffee, and the probably 100 ml milk on top of it, and the rest half portion was covered by whipped cream. URGH. The coffee was good, that was without a doubt. But, too little to drink, too whippy to handle.

Demona: I wasn't exaggerating on the whipped cream, haha. It was so much that I could cover the saucer.

Verdict: Do give Black Canyon a try, they do have some good thai fusion dishes... well, if they had maintained their quality from the previous meal I had in their branch at Centerpoint, One U until now. Drinks wise, I would say they're all more or less quite enjoyable. Much cheaper than a frap that u are paying for in Starbucks or Coffee Bean, and yet give quality sense of satisfaction. One thing though, just skip the Jamaica drink.

Kinta City Shopping Centre
No 2, Jalan Teh Lean Swee,
Off Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Utara,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.

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