Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ch Malescot 1978 Magnum

Compared to it's peers, Ch Malescot has been offering good quality wines at sane price for quite a long time even thou the 2005 vintage prices has been going sky high due to excellent review by Parker etc. I could still remember vividly the first time having a flight of 1988, 1998, 2000 , 2002 Malescot together with Jean Luc, the owner of Chateau Malescot. Malescot wines has an understated classic style to it that emphasize on the elegance, balance and harmony.

Chateau Malescot 1978 Magnum
Nose: An elegant clean nose of rounded pencil shavings. Without traces of disturbing herbal and alcohol heat. Pure nose of indulgence. After 2 hours, the nose moved into intense mushroom and black tea.
Palate: Rounded, medium body. Medium to light weight but silky tannins. Some slight bitter note in the end. Lift of black tea and sappiness.
Verdict: This ex chateau 1978 magnum bottle is my WOTN. A magical harmony of elegance and purity.
Cork: Beautiful cork that was very well kept. The wines has sipped evenly across the whole cork, showing that the wine has been lying beautifully in the Chateau cellars, only to be awaken 30 years later in Singapore.

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