Saturday, June 7, 2008

O Fournier Dinner@ Harbour Grill, Hilton

Ok, this is ultra decadent. I had an exlusive dinner with the owner of the highly rated O Fournier vineyard (based in Spain, Argentina and Chile) and 5 other guys at Harbourgrill Hilton.
The food was fantastic, with 7 courses of fish, duck, meat etc paired with various O Fournier Wines. Awesome!

1) Alfa Crux Blend 2002( Argentina Vineyard)
This has a pretty complex nose coming from the Tempranilo and Malbec. The malbec gave it a flowery note while the tempranilo contributes to the rustic-ness of the nose and palate. Overall, this has an average complexity while maintainaning the elegance. Give it another 5 years and it will be beautiful. Very good effort from Argentina.

2) Alfa Crux Malbec 2004 (Argentina Vineyard):
This has a complex nose but with greater cutting acidity on the nose and palate. With greater angular structure on the palate as well compare to the Alfa Crux blend. Some leather, hay, currant, and flowery note on the nose. Good effort.

3) Alfa Spiga 2003 (Spanissh Vineyard, Ribera Duero)
Wow, an very interesting evolution on the nose and palate. Start from some sweet licorice and turning in to mild tobacco and licorice. It has a nice mid and acidity to cut thru the food and the elegance is amazing. Buy some and try it at home. Rememeber to breath it for about 45 minutes.
Very good effort. The most impressive of the whole lot.

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