Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ch. Pontet Canet 1999, Pauillac

SH popped open this stained label Pontet Canet 1999 for us on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It was supposed to be a simple, no alcohol tea session but turned out to be an 12 hours Vino Marathon.
Strangely, none of us felt drunk or tipsy after downing 6 bottles of wine, shots of Talisker Whiskey and a bottle of beer. Probably the stretched out tasting and slow sipping helped to sooth the alcohol attack.

Ch Pontet Canet 1999@120SGD
This is rated about 89 points by Parker. Initital nose was dusty and heavy wood,Palate was medium light and angular structure. After about 30 mins, the nose was not big but appealing, with its dusty, wood, leather, medicinal character. The palate was not big but rather medium with slight hollow in the middle. Tannins structure was angular with good mids. Probably can hold for another 5 years.

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