Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sopexa event@Novotel

B and A invited me to attend the annual Sopexa event at Novotel Hotel. The event is aimed at promoting French wine and there are about 15 French wines on display together with excellent French cuisine. Overall, the food was excellent and the wine was just average. However, i'd won the first prize in the blind tasting event and got myself a cheese cutlery set. SWEET!Starting from Clockwise:
1) Beef Tongue in Mustard Sauce ( AMAZINGLy creamy and tangy!)
2) Salmon Canapes ( normal smoked salmon on toasted bread pieces)
3) Duck Pate Canapes (normal)
4) French styled braised pork knuckles( soso but the thought of chewing thru big chunks of pork knuckles was amazing)
5) Cooked Fresh Bacon ( braised bacon, salty and smokey, but lacking in enough ooomph. The meat was not too tender as well)
6) Saurkraut (normal)
7) assorted Mustard sauce ( Zing zing zing, my favourite mustard sauce comes in tomato, dijon, wholegrain and mild flavour. The Dijon mustard comes in first with its smooth and tangy sensation)

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