Monday, July 28, 2008

Starbucks Kuta

It's getting a bit hot in the afternoon in Kuta and we stop by at Starbucks Bali, situated right beside the HardRock Cafe:
You know, Kuta Beach literally looks like an Aussie Beach with tons of Austrialians and Aussie shops/goods/foods. Barring the passing local hawkers and street peddlers + chaotic motorbike, this place could really pass off as an Aussie beach front.

Caramel Jave Chip Frappucino without Whipped Cream: 49K RP ~ 7.50sgd: Taste the same as what you get at other starbucks outlet around the globe, thick thick coffee frap with choco chip bits and caramel on top... Nice drink in the scorching hot beach! ( btw, 49K Rupiah could easily feed 3-4 adults at a local warung shop.)

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