Monday, July 28, 2008

Kuta Dinner by the beach

The last nite at Bali and what better place to have except by the beautiful Kuta Beach.
We were done with swimming around the beach front of Discovery Mall and proceeded to check out the various restaurant there.
Hmm most were priced at 80-100k rupiah per pax kinda of dinner aimed at tourist until we chanced upon the restaurant beside Discovery Mall.

The view of the restaurant is so beautiful. We just sit down by the beach, facing the sunset and sipping cheap Bintang beer. True Bliss.

Chicken Parmigianna 35k RP: Demona seemed to have a fondness of Parmigianna. I still remember vividly in Melbourne where we decided to have our only proper meal for the whole tripin an italian restaurant. In the end somehow we ended ordering 2 Parmigianna - Chicken for me and Pork for her. It's kinda dissapointing when the food arrived as both tasted the same. Anyway, back to this Chicken Parmigianna in Bali, it tasted so so, but you could hardly fault it in front of this scenic tranquility.

Beef Burger@32K RP: This is good. Nicely grilled burger patties and hot hot fries...MMMMM!! Fabulous!

I love BALI!

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