Monday, July 28, 2008

Black Canyon Cafe@Denpasar Airport

Our last meal in Bali, at Denpasar Airport's BlackCanyon Cafe just outside the departure hall.
It was a smart move by Demona to dine before we check in as the price inside the depature area was double the normal price. Example: the big mac was 18k RP outside the departure hall, but it was 29k RP inside the departure hall.

Black Canyon Nasi Campur@20K RP: This was yum yum yum!. Nicely fried drumstick,rendang beef and the famed stirred fried mixed vege.. Ahhhhh... so nice and so cheap!!

Watermelon Juice@9K Rupiah: For abt 1.50SGD, you have 100% freshly squeezed watermelon juice in a decent cafe in the airport...Not to forget the painstaking carved watermelon deco by the glass as well.. SCREAMING CHEAP! Orange Juice@9K RP: Another fresh juice before boarding the plane! Fresh hand-squeezed 100% orangejuice. Bali = 1.50SGD. Singapore = 5.50SGD, KL = 9,90RM....We love BALI!

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