Monday, July 28, 2008

Assorted Indonesia Snacks

Some brief write ups on the snacks that we enjoyed in Bali.Demona swear by the goodiness of Mcdonald's McFlurry: Whenever she felt down, sad, uneasy etc, just pop by a McD stall and grab a McFlurry and you are certain that the sun will shine again. This is the chocolate Mcflurry that we had. Besides this, we also have a Mcflurry Warna Warni (literally means Colourful McFlurry). It is actually Mcflurry with MnM's chocolate. Each cup cost less than 1 dollar sgd, albeit at a smaller cup. A great enjoyment eating by the beach in the sunny afternoon.

Local Lay's Chips, Nori Seaweed Flavour: This 180grams pack cost about RP9,000 which is about 1.50 sgd while the imported Lay's chip cost about RP60,000. One might wonder is there a huge difference between Indon made Lay's chips and a US made Lay's Chip.To be frank, there is indeed some really minor difference in terms of taste. ( the Indon chips aint as light and crispy as the original lays and lean more towards the quality of Twisties Chitos, Calbee etc. And the indon version is only availble in Salmon flavour, seaweed flavour or spicy bbq flavour which is not available internationaly). However, at 1.50sgd per pop, this is dirt cheap and worth every penny of it! Demona and I sapu at least 9 packs to be brought home to Singapore.
Chitato Chips, Beef BBQ@RP6,000: Again, another dirt cheap local chips costing less than a dollar sgd. Taste wise, coudl not comment much except some spices, bbq flavour and typical saltish note. Not exciting but did the job of quenching our thirst for chips. Cheap!

Qtela Cassava Chips: I'm not sure what Cassave is but this is pretty yummy. The chips is much more starchier/solid compared to potato chips and in a way, it makes u feel healthier and it tasted less salty. We have one more pack in our cupboard now waiting for further test during our next movie marathon!

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