Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zen Japanese Restaurant@Sunway Pyramid


Demona: My buddy and I were craving for some "wahh sahhh bhiiii" action, but we were stuck in Sunway Pyramid on an thunderously wet evening.

Demona: Sushi King?
Both : *yawns*
Demona: Genki Sushi?
Both : *yawns*

(trotted to the directory)


Demona: My buddy had tried the food here several times before, and she said it was comparable to the famous Japanese restaurants located opposite SJMC, Subang. Her comment got me excited already.

Demona: This came along with the sashimi tempura set, prawn tempura. I must say, this was quite disappointing. The fried batter layer was a little soft already, giving the impression that the prawnies were deep fried and left on their own for some time.

Demona: Do not be fooled by the vibrant colours and the upclose shot of the sashimi! The portion slices were in fact, quite small. The tuna and swordfish slices were the most miserable ones. They were not sincere at all with their portions, unlike the more generous Tomoe and Rakuzen, and the prices do not differ much either.

Demona: This was the best deal out of the dishes that we'd ordered. The unagi sushi roll. The sushi roll was GIGANTIC! Although the unagi given was probably half the portion of the ones that you can buy from hypermarts, but with the whole pile of rice which came along was enough to choke these two little tummies. The teriyaki sauce coating the unagi was quite thick, good enough to cover the petroleum-like taste of the unagi. This is quite a good deal, I would say.

Verdict: The total damage for our craving : RM 75. A tempura sashimi set, and one unagi roll, and oh yea... two cups of hot green tea. A little ex don't you think! But *sigh* these are the average rates that you get in decent Japanese restaurants in Malaysia. SGD 75 equivalent? You can feed a fericiously hungry family of 4 already! And not to mention, good quality Japanese food, not Sushi King material.

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