Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bali spells beauty, warmth, affection.. love

Demona: These are some un-foodie pictures that we took during our trip to Bali. I can't help but to share these beautiful pictures with you guys!

Demona: The gorgeous, balinese themed entrance into our cozy little 4 day home stay.

Demona: A nice porch area for a drink, but we ended up drinking inside the room itself.... due to the mosquitoes from the plants coming out in the late evenings and nights.

Demona: A spectacular view of the sun rising in front of our eyes. We almost missed it because we woke up 30 minutes later than planned. Although, we were stoning like no one's business... the glowing sun rays were worth all of it!

Demona: The killing scene after math. What was left of the "babi guleng" after being "guleng-ed" for hours and hours, roasting to perfection! A boney sight of the piglet's jaw. Poooor piggie ! :(

Demona: Another intricate, detailed, beautifully carved statue as part of the Balinese theme for the Beach Bali hotel.

Demona: Buddha statue with a dimly lit marmalade coloured bulb light in the gardens of our hotel.

Demona: Beautiful view of the restaurant at night.

Demona: Cheap dinner, with a spectacular view to eat with. Worth every penny! Kinda' romantic, I must say.

Demona: Our hotel!

Demona: The view of Sanur beach at night. Romantic, eh?

Demona: Kuta beach by day, the sound of the waves were like loud "THUMPS"! Beautiful. Flooded with caucasians, mostly testing their abilities to ride with the waves.

Demona: Another closer view of Kuta beach.

Demona: Baby turtles! Kept safely in a small secluded area, to prevent any danger from happening to them! Apparently, baby turtles are a sought after delicacy here :( Nooooooooo.... they're too cutey to be eaten!

Demona: Great band, they were playing good olde' rock ballads, and some love songs. Just the kinda' tunes you would want to hear in a place as beautiful as this. I could see all the love birds sitting on the steps in front of the band going all " awhhhhhhhhhhh"

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