Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rochor BeanCurd@Sims Avenue

After much dissapointment at 126 DimSum, we walked towards the Rochor Beancurd@Sim Avenue which is in the vicinity to try to salvage the night. This is the second rochor beancurd we had tried. The first Rochor Beancurd is the one situated at Geylang Road, near lorong 3X.
Cold Soya Bean: Nice. Good solid flavoured soyabean.. Fresh.......Only complain is the drain beside us stinks madly!
TauFuFa: Silky,,, better than the one at Geylang road. But still not up to Funny Mountain TFF in Ipoh.
YaoCharKuey: Bad, seems like it was being fried in stale oil. Bad stale oil stench and this TCK stayed too long on the shelf. Fail.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I use to patronise sims ave a few years ago. Now I don't even look at the shop when I drove pass.

Now their beancurd taste funny.

I saw the tv snacks attack 2, recommending the rochor beancurd at geylang lor 39 and everything taste so much better.

I am glad to be able to find another shop that satisfy my desire in good food.