Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rasa Sedap Foods Pte Ltd @Joo Chiat Rd

Demona: AYAM PENYETTTTTT! AYAM PENYETTTTTTT! Too bad when we arrived, "flat chicken" was already sold out. According to Dogma, the stall is near Rasa Sedap.

Demona: The shop was empty when we were standing outside of it. Since there wasn't any luck on getting hold of a flat chicken, and we were already here, we thought we'd brush aside the fact that the shop was empty and gave their food a try.

Demona: I took some "tempe" (fermented soybeans) with long beans.. and they tasted, OMG... amazing!: the beans were spicy, crunchy, coupled with soft, fully absorbed gravy sauce locked inside the squarish tempe.

Demona: Dogma and I are T-rexes, and beef rendang has always been prone for landing on our makan plates, and this pitstop did not differ much either. The beef rendang was...... oooh lah lah! The meat was very, very tender and juicy! coated with rich, thick, rendang gravy. These T-rexes were fighting for them meat chunks!

Demona: *drummmm rolllllssssss* the winner of the best chilli was one on the top! The sambal nasi lemak chilli was *smooches!* You could eat just like that. Dogma thought the Demona Chilli Gobbler action was showing too much!

Verdict: Total damage cost was SGD 4.90, plus a SGD 1.10 teh ais. The portion was HUGEEEEEE. It was just nice for two to share. I'm guessing that the waiter was kind to gave us a lil' extra on the portion size since there weren't many customers around and if the food were not fully sold by closing time, it'd be gone to waste anyway. Apparently, Rasa Sedap has 6 branches all around Singapore, but Joo Chiat's branch, somehow rather not attracting many customers but other branches are doing very well. Do give Rasa Sedap a try! The rendang is making me salivate again... Oooooooh!

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