Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak, Adams Road

Demona and I has heard so much about the Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak Stall in Adam Rd's Food Court. Most of the newspaper/online review would always quote that even Sultan of Brunei will send his minions to grab a few pack here whenever he is in town.

Hey, if it fits for a King, and at less than 5bucks per plate, we just gotta try it once rite?

By the time we reach there around 730pm on a Sunday evening, everything has been sold out except the chicken wing set. (The stall only sell in terms of set, chicken wing set, otah-otah + chicken wing set etc). The Brunei king must have "sweep" the stall clean...

Anyway, the queue is tremendously long and I-Dogma queued for about 30 minutes before getting my hands on the King's Nasi Lemak.The Verdict: The chicken wing is very crispy. Freshly fried without any stale oil stink. The rice is fluffy as Selera Rasa used only Basmati Rice. The rice is fluffy and soft but hmmm,, it doesn't give me much kick leh... I still prefer KL's Village park Spicy beef rendang nasi lemak.. SLurrrryppyThe chilli: Spicy and slightly sweetish. Not too bad but Demona did not gobble them down...
Carrot Cake: Demona ordered a plate of fried carrot cake as well. for 3SGD, the portion is humongous and value for money. Taste wise- it was just an average Carrot cake, lacking in much desired wok hei and crunch bits.

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