Saturday, August 9, 2008

Old Mother's Hen Restaurant@Geylang

J, J and I had an small dinner gathering over the weekend at Old Mother Hen Restaurant in Geylang.
Stirred Fried Pig Intestine "Gong Po " Style: The pig intestines were stirred fried till pretty crispy and crunchy. Infact one of us was very convinced that this is not pig intestines. The taste of this was packed with a good punch of spice and just the right amount sweetness. However, some of the pig intestines slices still carry some smelly taste to it, probably the stall did not clean it thoroughly (AKA shit stains). Heck, we are Malaysian Chinese, shit means nothing if we had tolerated Umno for 51 years.

KL Hokkien Mee: Nicely fried but lacking in the wokhei that was in abundance in my previous visit. However, still one of hte best KL hokkien mee in singapore. Comes with heaps of pork lard (i like!) and chewy QQ fat noodles. BAgus!
Pig Tail's Soup: J ordered this and the sight of the pigtail is like bits of pinky fingers. The pig tail texture was soft and chewey. I am not too much into herbal soup but J commented that this is the best herbal soup he had here in Singapore as it was herbly, thick yet maintain a good sweetness.
Charcoal cooked Claypot Chicken Rice: The famed claypot chicken rice of Old Mother Hen. Slow cooked over charcoal fire for a good 30 minutes. Somehow, felt that it was not as great as compared to my previous visit. The salted fish was not evenly distributed and the amount of salted fish was puny. The guys also commented that the chicken bits are not cooked well enough ie: lacking in wokhei and charred bits. Currently, the top claypot rice still belongs to Jade Restaurant at Forum.Signature Tofu: nothing to shout about this dish. Plain silky tofu fried and drizzled with scallions, soya,vinegar and garnish. It could have been better if more fried garlic/onions/chilli were drenched on the tofu.

Steam Grouper: did not managed to take picture of the steam fish but it was VERY VERY FRESH. Everyones loves it!

Angry Man with Wine:
Wine in Tea Mugs: Lacking of proper stemware, we have to make do with these tea mugs to fill up the wines that we brought. Free Corkage at Old Mother Hen!

Verdict: A good value for money down to earth Chinese Restaurant. Not a place for business lunch or first date but definitely good for a budget get together meal. Cost about 100 bucks for the above dishes.

in between lorong 17/19 at Geylang, 136 Sims Avenue.

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