Sunday, August 31, 2008

First ever baking session@Dogma's crib

Demona: Dogma's sudden decision to relocate back to Malaysia after my first two months of my new bumpy wumpy ride job (Which is extremely challenging, tough, tiring, you name it.... I think I lost a couple of kilos too) really came like a swift blow to me.

Things seemed like they're back at square one.

I decided to do some baking here... baking is always therapeutic to me. I'm guessing, it's because of my strong passion in it. At least, baking would take my mind off everything for that few hours under some hot oven steam, with messy flour, butter, sugar coated fingers.

I brought the extra oven from home (Taiping) all the way down to Singapore (save some extra cost haha), and dropped by Phoon Huat over the weekend to get some basic baking tools and ingredients to get the ball rolling.


Demona: Finally! We put the vanilla beans that we bought from Bali (which Dogma almost got conned into buying overly priced ones) to good use! I've decided to add them into my chocolate chip cookies batter! The smell was extremely powerful! The moment Dogma slit the bean open, the smell immediately struck our nostrils!

Demona: Busy beating the brown sugar butter coated batter until it turned light brown colour, and fluffy looking.

Demona: Little spoonfuls of batter, nicely coating these lovely little bite size chocolate chips were placed on to the tray and ready for some hot, steamy baking sessions!

Demona: It didn't need long for these little sinful goodies to turn brown. One recipe gave about 30 cookies. Some were a bit soft and chewy as I didn't let them bake till they turned dark brown. Some turned quite dark but the texture was very crunchy. So I guess, in this case, it is an "either or" situation. Either you like it chewy or crunchy. Burnt aroma or without it.

I'm not sure on the real comments, but I personally thought it was a good effort and a few church members gave some encouraging comments on the cookies. They were being very nice.

Demona: One recipe wasn't good enough to curb the solemness engulfing me. I also tried on a first attempt on baking some ham and cheese scones, knowing that Dogma has a tongue for savouriness whilst I'm the sucker for sugars. The scone recipe actually added in sun dried tomatoes rather than cheese, but sad to say, cost is a major contributing factor of my baking style here. So cheese will have to do for now.

Dogma helped pan fried chopped ham into burnt perfection! I added in some cheddar cheese chunks, paprika and mustard powder. I coated these spicy smelling squares with egg to help them cook quicker and to give a nice brownish burnt colour to them.

Demona: The scones weren't too soft, which was good: I thought that the texture was quite good for a scone, but flavour wise, I have much to improve on. The scones weren't flavourful enough: Maybe it was the lack of cheese and ham, or maybe skipping the sun dried tomatoes did affect the flavour. Maybe adding more ham and mozarella cheese instead will help. Anyhow, I did like the texture of the scones, but flavour has got to improve. I probably would continue on making savoury scones with this recipe but altering the flavour ingredients. Am already thinking of trying on a sweet scone recipe on my next baking session!

I'm predicting that I'll have some new baking picts to post up next week! Dogma's last day in Singapore will be on Sunday and I would probably need hours and hours of therapeutic baking.....

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