Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taiping Hawker Food

Taiping is a true heaven for food lover.
To be more precise, Taiping is a heaven for cheap food lover.....
It is simply splendid.
Please enjoy!
Lian Tong Coffee Shop Toast+ egg@1.60RM: Located opposite the Cantonese Association Hall, this shop is popular with Chinese, Indian and Malay alike as they serve Halal Chinese food. Started off since the early 1930s, daddy and grand-dad used to patronize this shop almost daily, and dad has a Special drink prepared for him whenever he steps into the shop. The shop owner will screamed back to the kitchen upon seeing my dad, " Kok Pin's Special!" Basically it is iced coffee + tea mix (with greater tea proportion), kao + less sugar. My favourite item in this coffeeshop is the Toast with half boiled egg on top.. You know, having a butter coated, freshly toasted fluffy white bread, topped with a gooey half boiled egg on a lazy morning is just pure bliss.. AWWWW

Bismillah Restaurant:This stall is established since the 1920s and the building it currently resides in is built since 1932. Located directly opposite the Taiping Market, it has been my favorite joint for solid Murtabak + Roti Canai/Prata since young.
Inside the shop: Old tiles spelling out the name of the restaurant at the world. The shop is filled with antique clocks and other decos as well.
Murtabak Kambing@3RM: At 3RM per piece, this is unbeatable value. Thick, pan fried mutton patties mixed with onions, eggs, pepper and wrapped around with 2 roti Canai. The servings is huge and the strong smell of mutton just kept you going for more... Burppppp.. This is heavenly!
Curry Sauce: Chicken curry sauce that is perfect for the thick mutton murtabak!

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