Sunday, August 31, 2008

Commonwealth Market

It has been pretty quiet for the past few days...Both Demona and I were pretty much quiet by our own standards. One could argue that this is a deafening silence before the storm as much challenges and obstacles lies ahead upon Dogma's relocation back to Malaysia.

Let's keep our finger cross and keep praying that all will go well!

Here are some snap shots of another round of budget food at Commonwealth Market ( near to Queensway MRT).

Ice Coffee+ home made Barley@1SGD: Demona and Aileen really love the homemade Barley drinks sold by the Danny's Coffee Stall. The barleys were slow cooked to perfection, melts in your mouth when you smash it with the tip of your tongue against your teeth. Besides, the aunty manning the stall took pride in this barley drink and would give extra ( 6-9 pieces) of ginko nuts if you are one of her regulars barley drinker. Double Thumbs up!
Close up of Ginko Winko nuts!
BBQ Chicken Wings@1SGD each: Pretty well done BBQ wings without excessive gooey honey. The wings were crispy and clean but the chilli sauce would need some extra work to give us more kick. Average.
Claypot YeeMee: Not too sure where Demona ordered this, but the dish was average at best. Nuff Said

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