Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DianDin Leluk @ Golden Mile

Demona: Entering into Golden Mile complex, just makes you feel that you are out of Singapore. The shops were less orderly, the crowd was a little sleazy, with several

beer joints inside, packed with travellers leaving for Malaysia.... but it has a HUGE variety of Thai delicacies! We bought some beers and Thailand manufactured chips to munch along our journey home.

We had a fair bit of time to kill, thus we decided to have a seat somewhere and relax our tired minds and bodies from a heavy working day with some drinks. Most places seemed dodgy, and we daren't step in.

Finally, we decided to land on DianDin Leluk. The crowd inside the restaurants seemed like travellers heading back to Malaysia.

Demona: Dogma had a coconut drink. I am no expert in dealing with coconuts, but this one seemed to have very little white "meat" on the sides of the nut, but it had a lot of juice in it. The juice level was almost up to the tip and it made me wonder if any other forms of liquid were added in to make it up so accurately. SGD 3

Demona: This was the red ruby dessert which I've ordered. The "santan" layer was too thick. The flavour, smell and familiarity of the red ruby chunks were covered by the thickened santan drizzled topping. I thoroughly separated as much of santan as possible from the red rubies.

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