Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BeachRoad Hawker Centre

Today is the first time Demona going back to Taiping for a short trip after relocating to Singapore. We were both glad and excited to be heading home to spend time with our family and puppies.. Yipppieee! It makes ur hungry just by thinking about all the good food in Taiping...We spared no prisoner and had a sumptuous meal in Beach Road Hawker Centre before boarding on the 10hours bus trip back home.

Starters: For starters, we had the cheap and yummy Chee Kueh ( 1.20SGD for 4). I had never tasted this things when i was in Malaysia. Basically it is just steamed rice dough topped with fragrant braised shallots, hae-bee (minched dried shrimps) and spicy spicy chilli. Simple, cheap and healthy.. A good way to start!
Main: We have always enjoyed hawker food for its good quality + great value. For a set including of fried fish fillet, chicken cutlet, crinkle fries, coselaw and a bun, it only cost us 6SGD. This screams superbbbb value!!!!Demona really tucked into the crispy chicken cutlet and fried fish while i greedily sapu the fries, bun and fish fillet. The chicken was well fried, crunchy on the outside yet retain some moisture in the inside. The Fish fillet was lacking in some firmness in the meat but we cant complain much for this price.
Sidedish: Coselaw + bun... Nothin to shout about but good to stuff us up further more!

Close up of the fish: The fish fillet is a bit flaky and not too firm.But it was nicely coated with a firm batter. Not too bad la for this price.Ah Boh Leng or Ah BAlling: We ordered a mixed glutinous riceball dessert in peanut soup... Demona screamed at the sight of her favourite dessert... She particularly likes the glutinous ball stuffed with peanuts and sesame.. The pandan flavour ball was so so... 1.50sgd.. Cheap!

One of the best value and quality hawker centre to enjoy a good meal in Singapore... BeachRoad Hawker Centre:

Western Stall: In the middle lane, diagonally opposite the claypot chicken rice stall
Chee Kuey, Beside the western stall, diagonally opposite the claypot chicken rice stall
Ah Balling: Beside the western stall, diagonally opposite the claypot chicken rice stall

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