Monday, August 11, 2008

Misc Snacks: Terra Chips Stripes and Blue

It's Super Saver's Time at Cold Storage again!
For this few weeks, Cold Storage will be having a good discount for the premium Terra Chips. Costing now at $4.60, its a 29% discount from the usual selling price.

Demona choose the Stripes and Blues chips seasoned with Seasalt as post dinner snacks over a tiring and stressful weekdays ( sales not coming in for both of us,, what to do, what can we do.. Pray!)
The stripe and blues is named after the American flag with The red chips made from sweet potatoes, the blue chips are made from blue potatoes, and the striped chips are striped beets.

However, we were pretty dissapointed with the chips as the package is flatter than usual and the chips tasted flat and lacking freshness. Secondly, over 75%of the content are blue potato chips. WHERE are the RED AND STRIPES! GRRRRR

Provence Hot Dog bun with Mayo Egg:
Simple bun but went very well with the mayo topping. Excellent!

Misc Chocolate: Demona wipe these Korean chocolate clean after Sunday Church Service.......

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