Saturday, August 9, 2008

Little Part 1 Cafe

Demona: After a LOUSY prawn session at Bishan (with a mere 8 prawns, for 1.5 hours), we were left frustrated with frowns. The initial plan was to go back to Dogma's place and cook these lil' buggers for dinner, but the frustration totally drew our attention away from cooking. I looked at him, he looked at me..... "Lil' Part 1 Cafe's Onion Rings!!!!"

We dropped by the place a couple of times prior to our first visit, but somehow luck was never on our side. The shop was mostly closed.

We drove over and, " WOOHOO!" the sign said OPEN that day.

Demona: We ordered a cafe' blended. The weather was hot and humid and we were dying for our dose of caffeine for the day, and yeah... an icey cold dose too! So, cafe' blended just seemed like the one drink that could kill two coffee addict birds (Dogma and I) with one stone.

Demona: This SGD 5 drink was... OOOOH lala! Our frowns turned the other way up. We went "MMMMMMMMMMMM" *slurps*. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" *slurps*. Super creamy, strong coffee and not too sweet! Dogma was the slurper winner for the drink!

Demona: Ta-dah! Our cure to our craving.. the perfectly deep fried bread crumbs coated giant onion rings! Served along with home made wasabi mayonaise sauce. Such a simple dish but such an easy task to satisfy these food venturas!

Demona: We had the italian crepe on our last visit. This time around, we chose the salmon crepe: A giant fluffy fragrant buttery crepe, wrapping slices of salmon, onions, mushroom slices and gooey, melted cheese. The cheese was definitely the X-FACTOR for the whole dish. This was the key ingredient that gave the huge KICK in the crepe. Personally speaking, I much preferred the Italian crepe. The combination of ham, mushroom and cheese seemed to fit better than the fish. Nevertheless, it was a good effort given by Little Part 1 Cafe's chef! However, for the salmon crepe, it's an additional SGD 3 to the SGD 8.90 Italian crepe.

Verdict: We were still turned off by the butterfly wings, I can honestly say that we'll probably never going to order this ever. But other dishes so far, did not disappoint us. Undoubtly, it is an extremely nice place to chill out and have a slow, lazy meal while reading books, magazines, accompanied by jazz music.

And one key pointer was........

The happy-go-lucky meal that we had in Little Part 1, our frowns went off. We eventually cooked our prawns at home after all. Without much grumbling with frustration. The meal was ta-dah! (no.2 for the post), the salami, prawn n bread meal as seen on the post above!

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